Cuba's latest hotel project, in ruins

Cayo Esquivel, a small cay in northern Cuba, has a beach dotted with coconut trees and the foundations of old buildings. Until the early 60s it boasted dozens of summer houses and a couple of hotels, complete with verandas. Later, there was a campground. After that, there were tents for humble vacationers. In the end, disembarking was prohibited, even for the fishermen who ply the keys.

Cuban economy ever more opaque as data omitted from 2016 accounts

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuba has not provided a detailed breakdown of key economic activity in its annual statistical abstract for the first time this century, leaving would-be investors more in the dark than usual about the Communist-run economy.

Cuban Foreign Minister reaffirms solidarity with Venezuela

Cuba ratificó su solidaridad con Venezuela, ante cualquier amenaza a su soberanía, durante la reunión sostenida en Chile entre los cancilleres Bruno Rodríguez, representante de La Habana, y Jorge Arreaza, por Caracas.


WASHINGTON. Five former American diplomats issued an appeal today to 12 heads of state and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Dr. Luis Almagro saying that the murdering of “Venezuelans who demanded a return to the rule of law and democracy … will not be [resolved] without democratic governments [taking] every step needed to bring peace, justice and democracy to the Venezuelan people.” 

Mimi's Dream by F.J. Milanes M.D.

I almost feel sorry for The Miami Herald’s reporter Mimi Whitefield that has been assigned with the task of selling everything and anything from Cuba to the local readers.