THE DIPLOMAT. What’s Next for Vietnam-Cuba Military Ties?

Late last month, Vietnam’s deputy defense minister paid a visit to Cuba. The trip spotlighted the ongoing activity within the military aspect of the relationship amid a key year in the ties between the two countries.

CubaBrief: LA NOBLE INTRANSIGENCIA DE JOSE MARTI Por Carlos Ripoll, y los apóstatas.

Entre nosotros algunos se deshonran por su egoísmo y su vileza favoreciendo a la tiranía; como en la época de la colonia cuando José Marti, apenas un adolescente le echaba en cara su apostasia a un joven cubano partidario de Espana. Por escribirle una carta Marti fue condenado por sedición y enviado a prision. Marti, como Carlos Ripoll, en cuestiones de Cuba y la libertad era intransigente. Entonces como ahora había cubanos apóstatas, pero como ahora también cubanos con talento y con virtud.

CUBABrief: Cuba’s Constitution worst than old ones

Cuba’s announcement of a new constitution that would remove references to a “communist society” and recognize the right to private property has generated a lot of enthusiastic headlines around the world. But I read the 755 paragraph document, and — trust me — it's no step toward modernization.

CUBABrief: Havana's "constitutional reforms," including gay marriage. Read The Economist, View "Improper Conduct" in Youtube.

Cuba’s new tolerance of gays ignores years of repression & whitewashes rights’ denial today.
According to The Economist, (july 26, 2018), the rewritten Cuban Constitution announced by Havana’s "most striking change is the redefinition of marriage to encompass any two people... Mr Castro’s daughter Mariela, who leads the national sex-education agency, asked for this clause. In a calibrated display of tolerance, the government let evangelical groups protest against the policy publicly—a courtesy withheld from demonstrators demanding political freedoms.

A tale of 2 newspapers: the best & the worst, Darkness & Light, foolishness & belief: Cuba,The NYTimes & The WashPost, in the superlative degree of comparison only. (Special thks to Dickens)

While many have criticized The New York Times editorials on Cuba and its important advocacy of President Obama's concessions to the regime, few have taken notice of The Washington Post's siding with the Cuban people, and with Cuban dissidents and its thoughtful criticism of the Castro's dictatorship.

CubaBrief: Cuban artist gives away his work in streets of Havana.

CBS reports on a visit to Havana by American diplomats this week. CBC should not be surprised that Washington holds Havana responsible for the physical safety of diplomats stationed on the island, including Canadians and Americans. There are now 26 diplomats and19 American citizens with similar symptoms.  

CubaBrief: It is up to PM Trudeau to get Canadian back. Thanks for Asking, but No, I will Not be Traveling to Cuba.

This CUBABrief highlights three stories focusing on issues familiar to most Cuba watchers: the finger-pointing about who is to blame for the deaths caused by the recent aircraft disaster (this time Havana did not blame the CIA); a foreigner, in this case a Canadian, who discovers Havana’s disregard for the rule of law and his government’s inability to protect  him; and Cuban-Americans who have learned from their loved ones about misery and repression on the island. 

CubaBrief: BROOKINGS WOKE UP AND SMELLED THE COFFEE: "New Cuban President Moves Cuba Backwards." AP: US inspectors missed Cuban aircraft.

Despite the fact that for years The Brookings Institution, one of Washington’s most prominent liberal think tanks, provided intellectual ammunition to President Obama’s Cuba policy, it has now discovered that “Cuba moves backwards: New regulations likely to impeded private sector growth.”  What is news to the Brookings scholars is well known to the Cubans on the island.

CubaBrief: MARCO RUBIO TO THE RESCUE. American taxpayer funds should not be wasted in Cuba.

Earlier in the week the Center for a Free Cuba called attention to the passage by the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee of an Ag bill that included an amendment authorizing the use of federal funds to promote sales to Cuba, despite the fact that Cuba’s government has been unable to pay many purchases in recent years and many governments have forgiven many millions of dollars Havana owed them. 

CubaBrief: Mariel, the Hong Kong That Never Became One, AND the United States quits the UN Human Rights Council

In this issue from THE DAILY SIGNAL, “US Makes the Right Call to Quit UN Human Rights Council:  "14 of the 47 members of the council (including Burundi, China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela) are ranked “not free” by Freedom House. This is the highest number of “not free” countries in council history."  Also in this issue from 14yMedio "Mariel, the Cuban Hong Kong That Never Became One ,” by Mario Penton Martinez.

CubaBrief: CUBAeconomía ¿Escasean los medicamentos en farmacias cubanas?, DIARIO DE CUBA: ¿Zafra de 2018 o de 1894?

En este CUBAenBreve se incluyen articulos sobre la escasez de medicinas que padecen los cubanos en la isla;  los extranjeros no son afectados, como no les afecta el racionamiento de los alimentos, productos higienicos, y todos los articulos necesarios para la vida. Lea aqui un analisis de la zafra azucarera del 2018: "se sabe que se produjeron unos 1.1 millones de toneladas (TM), para una caída de un 40% con respecto a los 1.8 millones de 2017.

CubaBrief: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Speaks on US Withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council was founded a few years ago to remedy the lamentable track record of its predecessor, the UN Commission on Human Rights, where some of the worst human rights violators prevented any real efforts to help victims of repression around the world. But little has changed, and China, Cuba, Venezuela and other regimes continue to enjoy impunity for their crimes. While a member of the Commission, the Cuban government said it would not accept “one iota” of its recommendations.