Summit Meeting

Talk to Cuba’s democracy advocates

January 19th, 2015

Miami Herald, January 19, 2015


DEMOCRACY ADVOCATES: Members of the Cuban dissident group Ladies in White participate in a demonstration in Havana last month. DESMOND BOYLAN AP

This week, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson will travel to Havana to continue negotiations with the Cuban authorities.

We wish her Godspeed, and hope that besides talking with her Cuban counterparts, Ms. Jacobson will meet with Cubans whom President Obama wants to empower — human-rights activists, pro-democracy leaders — to help them build Cuba’s civil society grounded on human rights and the rule of law.

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Ladies in White — Mothers, wives of political prisoners: Obama wouldn’t talk to them, and the Castros beat them up.

January 20th, 2015

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As A Cuban Exile, I Feel Betrayed By President Obama

January 20th, 2015

The Washington Post

By Carlos Eire

December 22, 2014

Tourists look at posters for sale in Havana.(ADALBERTO ROQUE/Getty Images)

I am furious, in pain, and deeply offended by those who laud this betrayal of the Cuban people as a great moment in history.

My family and native land were destroyed by the brutal Castro regime. In 1959, as an 8-year-old, I listened to mobs shout “paredon!” (to the firing squad!). I watched televised executions, and was terrified by the incessant pressure to agree with a bearded dictator’s ideals.

As the months passed, relatives, friends, and neighbors began to disappear. Some of them emerged from prison with detailed accounts of the tortures they endured, but many never reappeared, their lives cut short by firing squads.

I also witnessed the government’s seizure of all private property – down to the ring on one’s finger – and the collapse of my country’s economy. I began to feel as if some monstrous force was trying to steal my mind and soul through incessant indoctrination.

By the age of 10, I was desperate to leave.

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Cuba’s Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Activities

September 29th, 2014

Cuba’s Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Activities

By Rachel Ehrenfeld
Friday, September 26th, 2014 @ 4:10AM

The recent launch of two colognes,“Ernesto” and “Hugo” (named after Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Hugo Chavez), may bring much needed foreign currency to Havana, while helping to remind the world of the Castro regime’s role in the making of the “Terrorist Internationale.” But no amount of cologne would be able to mask the stench of Cuba’s involvement in anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, anti-Semitic propaganda, and support of global terrorism.

During and after the Gaza War, Cuba lost no time in reiterating its long-standing support for armed aggression by the Palestinians against Israel.  Most outrageous was the speech given at the UN by the Cuban representative on September 5, which should be watched by our readers.

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President Obama Recognizes Cuban Human Rights Leader Berta Soler

September 26th, 2014

Today, President Barack Obama recognized Berta Soler, the leader of Cuba’s Ladies in White for her human rights work and her courage. The President says the Ladies in White “endure harassment  and arrest in order to win freedom for their loved ones and for the Cuba people.”

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Cuba and Cholera: Good Hygiene and Good Government Can Save Lives

March 21st, 2013

January 18, 2013

By Frank Calzon

Almost five months ago, the Cuban government announced the end of a cholera outbreak in eastern Cuba. At the time, Cuba’s Public Health Ministry blamed the three deaths and 417 cases on overflowing toilets, heavy rains and contaminated wells. According to the government, thanks to its prompt reaction and the quality of the country’s public health system, the crisis ended quickly.

Just recently, on January 15, the Cuban government announced that there were “only” 51 new cases—this time in Havana.

International and independent media on the island had already reported the outbreak, with independent media doing so months ago. On January 13, the BBC reported a “cholera fear in Cuba as officials keep silent.” Likely prompted by the international attention, the next day the government published an Information Notice to the Population saying it had detected “an increase in serious diarrhea…with symptoms that lead to the suspicion of cholera.”

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Where is Cuba Going?

March 21st, 2013

By Joaquin Pujol

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Since taking over as ruler of Cuba, in 2008, Raul Castro has adopted a number of economic policies seeking to bring the economy out of a situation of declining productivity, lack of economic growth and serious balance of payments disequilibrium.
To deal with the crisis, Raúl Castro’s government has exhorted citizens to consume less, save more and work harder. In his first speech as president in February 2008, Raúl promised to make the government smaller and more efficient, to review the potential revaluation of the Cuban peso, and to eliminate excessive bans and regulations that curb productivity. So far, three main areas of structural reforms have been advanced: A liberalization of private consumption, a turning over of fallow lands to private exploitation, and a flexibilization of the labor market…

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Lista Parcial De Sancionados O Procesados Por Motivos Politicos O Politico-Sociales

March 21st, 2013

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Independent Journalist Detained in Cuba

March 20th, 2013

INDEPENDENT JOURNALIST DETAINED IN CUBA Independent journalist Calixto Ramón Martínez Arias has been detained since September 2012 in Cuba in relation to his work. Amnesty Inter national believes he is a prisoner of conscience solely detained for peacefully exercising his freedom of expression.
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2012 CFC Outreach Report

March 20th, 2013

View the 2012 CFC Outreach Report.
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