El asesor presidencial estadounidense John Bolton anunció este jueves en Miami más presión y sanciones de EEUU contra Cuba, Venezuela y Nicaragua, a cuyos gobiernos definió como "la troika de la tiranía" y les advirtió de que "por fin" van a tener enfrente a "alguien que les planta cara".

Cuban Official media: Domestic airliner goes down in Havana. Many deaths. Government had suspended other flights recently due to maintenance problems and old age of Cuban fleet.

Havana official media says about one hundred passengers died in the crash today of a domestic airliner going from Havana to Holguin.  Apparently there are some survivors. Speaking on behalf of the Center for as Free Cuba, Ambassador James Cason, a former US chief of mission released the following statement:

Díaz-Canel and a Cuba without promises

The transition of power from Raúl Castroto Miguel Díaz-Canelat the last session of the National Assembly delivered no surprises – at least not for me. But, from the whole production, one statement in the speech by the new president of the Councils of State and Ministers caught my attention: "I have not come here to promise anything," he said, "just as the Revolution never did in all these years."

The End Of The Castro Era. Really?

TWO SENSATIONAL headlines recently flashed around the globe: “Cuba Now Has the First Non-Castro President in Nearly 60 Years” and “This Marks the End of the Castro Era.” Neither is true.