Without Castroism, how many US tourists would be visiting Cuba?

The question in the title is one that the newspaper Juventud Rebelde should ask itself. A few days ago it published a bitter complaint leveled by the regime: because of the "blockade," and restrictions on travel, Cuba fails to take in $1.5 billion a year in tourism revenue; between April 2016 and June 2017, it supposedly lost 1.702 billion.

SC’s Joe Wilson calls on State Dept. to probe Cuba attacks

U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson on Thursday called on the U.S. State Department to investigate a bizarre string of attacks on diplomats in Havana, urging Secretary Rex Tillerson to get to the bottom of unexplained, invisible attacks that have hurt Americans on Cuban soil.

Time to Hold Cuba to Account for Its Crimes

Your editorial “Cuba’s Sonic Attacks” (Sept. 26) quotes Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, “It’s a very serious issue with respect to the harm that certain individuals have suffered.” Cuba is a totalitarian state and very little happens on the island that escapes Raúl Castro’s security police. International law requires governments to provide protection to foreign diplomats. Unquestionably Cuba failed to protect U.S. diplomats.