Activistas LGTBI desafían al régimen. Mas racionamiento de productos básicos. Siguen secuestrados médicos en Kenia. General insta a derrocar a Maduro.

Hoy CUBABrief distribuye este resumen de noticias de Radio Marti, que incluye información sobre varios periodistas detenidos por reportar que activistas de la comunidad LGTBI ignoraron una prohibición del régimen al organizar una marcha alternativa en La Habana y Santiago de Cuba. Radio y Television Marti informa también sobre mayor racionamiento de productos básicos.

Knowledge is power. But what about disinformation?

Many of the things advocated by some political leaders about Venezuela and "socialism" are not true. Senator Bernie Sanders says that socialism is a new idea. It is not. It is an old and discredited idea that failed at a huge cost of suffering, misery and millions of dead everywhere it has been tried. Senator Sanders should know better.

CubaBrief: Russia in Venezuela in the Miami Herald

Sometimes in the midst of a discussion, it is appropriate to look at fundamentals. There is one basic question that those who object to Americans having access to US courts under Title III of the Cuba Libertad Act refuse to entertain: profiting from stolen property. Victims of such crimes in Toronto, Madrid, Paris and elsewhere can and do go to court. 

What are the Russians doing in Venezuela?

According to Administration sources and press reports, yesterday Venezuelan despot Nicolas Maduro was about to flee to Cuba when the Russians told him to stay put.

Victims are not numbers

Each month we feature on Cuba Archive’s Facebook page around eight short case profiles of victims of the Castro regime on the anniversary of their death or disappearance. Generally, cases with photos are selected that represent a cross-section of causes and dates. We hope that these personal stories can convey some sense of the losses involved as well as of the scope and magnitude of the cost in lives of 60 years of Communist “revolution” in Cuba.

142 Prisoners politicos sin derechos en Cuba

La organización no gubernamental Cuban Prisoners Defenders elevó a 142 el número total de prisioneros de conciencia en la Isla, según un informe que ha remitido a DIARIO DE CUBA este lunes y que tiene en cuenta los últimos 15 días del mes de marzo.

Cubans in Florida

Cubans arrived to the United States with nothing. They became what they were denied in their homeland Cubans have had ties to the United States for a long time, particularly with the state of Florida.