WASHINGTON. Five former American diplomats issued an appeal today to 12 heads of state and the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Dr. Luis Almagro saying that the murdering of “Venezuelans who demanded a return to the rule of law and democracy … will not be [resolved] without democratic governments [taking] every step needed to bring peace, justice and democracy to the Venezuelan people.” 

Mimi's Dream by F.J. Milanes M.D.

I almost feel sorry for The Miami Herald’s reporter Mimi Whitefield that has been assigned with the task of selling everything and anything from Cuba to the local readers.

Cuba's Raul Castro meets with North Korean diplomat in bid to ease nuclear worries

According to Fox News, "as the nuclear threat from North Korea continues, [Raul Castro] "met with the rogue nation's Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho in a bid to diffuse tensions between Pyongyang and Washington."  In the same article by Benjamin Brown, it says that Cuba's foreign minister met with the North Korean envoy and that "by engaging in talks, the ministers sought... the peaceful settlement of disputes,  a [Cuban] ministry statement said."  

Cuba's expected next president starts to take higher profile

The man widely seen as Cuba's next president delivered a defiant rejection of demands for change in the island's single-party system as he participated Sunday in the first in a series of elections expected to end with his taking over from Raul Castro next year.  First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel said the voting will deliver a message to the world.